The popularity of Facebook, the ease of Wordpress

Facebook pages have to be easy to create, manage and deliver. Your Facebook community is always looking for a special experience on your fanpage. So let's serve your community with a special flavour.

That's the reason we brewed tabspresso and came up with a powerful and easy to use Wordpress-based framework. Create your custom facebook tabs, interact with, manage and grow your community.

Combine them

tabspresso blends the desire for great Facebook pages that can be administered with the ease of Wordpress. Create and manage custom fangates, sweepstakes, votings etc. with the world's most popular content management system.
Tastes good!

Build your own

Create 100% customizable tabs. tabspresso serves you with the options to manage individual content and design to add a special flavour to your Facebook campaign. What's more, you can get rich insights into your community right into the backend.

We are real

We're real! tabspresso is no automated service which dictates what you can do. We are happy to help you realizing any (social media) ideas, concepts or ventures you may have on your mind. Let us push the limits!

List of Features

  • Customizable layout
    and design.
  • Viral mumbo-jumbo: shares, likes etc.
  • Detailed user statistics.
  • Export user data in handy CSV format.
  • Fits into your existing installation.
  • Using the latest technologies.

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